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Green It, NYC!

Climate change-themed mini golf hole

Co-design, with Katie Shima, of Green It, NYC!, a mini golf hole in Putting GREEN: a climate change-themed mini golf course on the Williamsburg waterfront.

The hole design illlustrates a path forward toward a greener NYC, with rooftop community gardens and urban farms, parks, bike lanes, and other green spaces to help mitigate climate change, bring people together, and make our NYC community healthier. The design starts out where we are, now: NYC is 40% green (Source: Natural Areas NYC), and moves toward an even greener future with equitable green space access, as one progresses toward the hole.

Hole designs were submitted for a competition, led by Two Trees Management. Each of the 18 holes was designed by community partners, including artists and designers, community and school groups, environmental advocacy organizations and public agencies across NYC.

Click on the images in the gallery for more details.


Two Trees Management
Design Partner
Katie Shima

Project Gallery

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